Associated Driving Schools

When it comes to driving lessons or courses, many folks just don’t know where to start. Most of them are first-timers who are clueless with the whole process of driving licence applications and are confused in choosing one from hundreds of driving schools out there. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, you’re already in the right article. Keep reading on our simple guide to booking your driving lessons below.

Applying for Your Provisional Driving Licence

Before you can book any class at driving schools in the UK, you would need a provisional driving licence. It’s a licence that allows you to drive the car under supervision. You can apply it by post or by online but we suggest you take the online application for the fastest and cheapest method. You can’t book any driving lessons without a provisional driving licence.

Recognize the Lessons and The School

It’s always worth to take some time in researching diverse driving lessons and the schools. Yes, driving schools, even though they’re under UK’s law and regulation, arrange their lesson differently. Generally, you may consider whether you take the regular lesson or intensive course.

Consider What Car You’ll Drive

You should consider what car you’ll drive with the licence, whether it’s a manual or automatic car. Driving schools provide different lessons and curriculum for these two major engine transmissions. Be sure to check and select the correct transmission for your lesson.

Choose your Instructor

When booking a lesson, driving schools may allow you to choose the instructor whenever possible. You can choose based on the gender, experience or style you’re comfortable with. If you’re clueless, you may ask for a recommendation. However, it’s natural that popular instructors are booked in most schedules of a week, giving you less flexibility.

Check The Schedule

If you’re a person with a career and routines, you need to take the best possible sessions that suit your schedules. However, most driving schools put slots on their regular schedules. It’s possible if you can find available slots on your schedule. At this point, you can either consider other schools or take their intensive course(if they have one)

Packages and Prices

Most established driving schools have listed packages and prices. Check what’s included and excluded in the prices then compare them among diverse driving schools so you can have a better overview and get closer to a decision. It should be noted that driving schools may include or exclude the theory tests and practical tests fee. The prices usually accommodate the number of lessons included in the package. At this point, you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Driver Training Ltd – Shrewsbury driving lessons – manual and automatic driving lessons, intensive courses

Aim Driving School – Chiswick Driving School – driving lessons with Grade A instructor. Automatic and manual lessons. Intensive driving lessons available

SteerWeGo – Driving lessons in Colchester – Male and female instructors available throughout Essex including Colchester and Clacton

Direct Driving Tuition Grimsby – driving lessons in Grimsby. Female and male instructors

Drive Confidently – driving lessons in portsmouth. male and female driving instructors with high pass rate offering driving lessons in manual and automatic cars