Female driving instructors

There is no evidence to prove that female instructors are any better than male instructors. However some people feel safer with a female instructor and if you feel sgfaer you will be more confident and are more likely to make good quick progress with your driving lessons. You will find some driving schools have female only instructors while other offer both male and female instructors. The most important thing is that you find the person you will feel most comnfortable with on your driving lessons. Often it is best to ask your friends or family for recommendations. don't be afraid to ask the difficult questions: was the instructor friendly or over-friendly, did they encourage you or make you feel bad about mistakes, did you feel that you made good progress with your lessons or did you fell that you were standing still? All these questions are valid!


Pass rates


Male and female instructors tend to have similar pass rates to male instructors and lesson prices for both are very similar  - expect to pay around £28 -£30 per hour depending on the area that you live.